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It's finally the 8th of December! Here's my quirky Fizz look. Upload yours in a red, white or black outfit with……

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Salman Khan 👑@Ishu_Jacqueline

WOOAHHH!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 @Bhuvneshwarisr1 Loved you!!!

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Kaun Kehta Hai wo Dekhta Nahi hai

Jaha @BiggBoss ki ankh Kayi cheezo ko nazar andaaz karti hai

#Sreesanth is definitely someone with a good heart. Easily forgets and forgives everything and shows his support fo……

Xawbfah1 reasonably small
Salman Khan 👑@Ishu_Jacqueline

Jacqueline’s Quest to spread Positivity @Asli_Jacqueline Pure Soul ❤️🌺 #JacquelineFernandez #JacqOfHearts

Thank u bhai from our whole team at Zero. Phir se aapka gaal choomne ka mann kar raha hai!!…

Apologies to All Who Stand in Front of Railway Station
Beggars, Chaiwalas and ESCORTS etc etc

You Work to earn a l……