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You could be the owner of new PlayStation Collectible Cards if you join us at PlayStation Experience this December:……


If you aren’t already following @camkendell then you should be.
Happy inking! Showcase recommendations?…

We’ve really been enjoying Simon Grünewald @Schmoesi inktober work!
Who do YOU want to recommend for an……


may I:とても丁寧

could I:目上にも◯

can I:家族、友人に

Is it cool if I:砕けた表現


Can I get some water?

Thx for all comments on our movies playing "UNDERTALE" music!
We're happy if you like and enjoy them.

Art club day. It's easy to remember because I made it right before my birthday.

Toad here! Everyone should hear the new Remix 10 music in Super Mario Run. RT this post to unlock a special in-game……

Djw4gvuz reasonably small

I love Undertale of video game!

Djw4gvuz reasonably small

I like Manga, Animation, and Video Game!!
I'm poor English, but I wanna connect with people throughout the world.