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Painting complete.
Well, I wanted to draw something stupid-positive and so here it is.
Here I tried A1-A3 design (like Flying Scotsman) which is differ from what we see in series, books, trainz etc... What is correct? What is the proper view after rebuild?

I FELT BAD ABOUT LEAVING THEM OUT so here's Hidaka and Sayuri really quick 👏

'Rain and sun'
I wanted to save the impression. Photos can't transfer it.
So, here it is... Sorry again for the similar theme...

Where in the World is Thomas? Music Video | Big World! Big Adventures! T...…

JBS: Who's Thomas
BWBA: Where's Thomas
2019 Special: Why's Thomas
2020 Special: What's Thomas

Hello World!
I've never seen so much 'likes' and 'reposts'.
Thank you all.

Here is 'Queen's Train'

Nina-Lion (Hina Logi) commission is now here! :D
I like doing wholesome yuri (tho that doesn't make it any easier x……

Day 12 or 13 or so on #TidmouthSheds. Front bays and doors are fully painted, weathered and mounted. Next up: addin……
Here is the probably most interesting bit of the conference, the rest is just boring.


Here's a Cocona watercolor I did a little while back for a friend...still no idea how to scan in watercolor lol

Happy New Year! Praying for a year of healthy personal growth for everyone 🙏 Here's a good dog to start it off righ……

Here is just a small part of the first section. I'll upload the whole thing later, after I get the final presentati……

Here's a small glimpse at my semester long 'Advertising and Promotion' group project!

All of my (sfw) Flip Flappers fanart I've posted so far, conveniently grouped together 👌

Yes, there is a LOT.…