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⌛️ .@RigoBlock's ICO starts in 5 days!
Following the first round of airdrop release, people who passed the whitelisting process received their free tokens
If you too want to use the first protocol for asset management, sign up before Dec 18:

With the maturing of the #technology, we believe common standards will emerge, allowing projects to focus on what they do best, and integrate external services smoothly.
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Top Upcoming and Active ICO Projects, Week 50 ’18

In the below list you’ll find some upcoming and active #ICO projects which have to be paid attention to: @RigoBlock and @IoeXnetwork; @eMusic and @twogap_official…

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Gabriele Rigo@gab_rigo

My AMA on Reddit starts now. Ask me anything about RigoBlock:…

Over time, we intend to offer access to 90%+ of all compliant digital assets by market cap. To make this vision a reality, we will use our published Digital Asset Framework to evaluate assets on factors like security, compliance, and technical innovation:…

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Always fascinating finding out something new: two NASA missions to interstellar exploration sent in 1977.…

Did you know we have a referral program? You can earn an invitation bonus for every successful sign up through your link! Find out more at >>… <<

What do you think will be the trigger for the next bull run?

(I get asked this question often, and honestly, I don't know the answer, other than keep building)

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@cz_binance Previous bull run catalyst was a sharp improvement of fundamentals and general public skepticism because of the hacks. Previous bull run was the same. I agree, let us keep building, the market will follow

Don't have plans for the weekend and want to create your very own token pool? Follow the manual:…
GRG #bounty reward will follow!
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"As blockchain and cryptocurrencies are developing globally, regulation has begun to follow suit in most developed countries." If you haven’t read this article yet here is the link:… #rigoblock

Our airdrop has begun! Did you whitelist your wallet?

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@ClarityHealth @RigoBlock @hfarmspa referral link works, you can also monitor your progress in real time at… and you'll receive a link like this…
Note: you'll have to be whitelisted yourself.

Good news everyone! For the whitelisting process, now the following wallets are supported:

★ MetaMask

★ MyEtherWallet

★ Trust

★ Mist

★ ImToken

This will give you easier access to the wallet #whitelisting, allowing you to use your favourite #wallet! #rigoblock #protocol

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Gabriele Rigo@gab_rigo

I will be hosting the first RigoBlock AMA session tomorrow at 7 PM (UTC) here and jointly on Reddit.

RigoBlock has had a very busy yet rewarding year so far. Our protocol is now operational and we have created a world first: integrating our solution with…

Today @RigoBlock has successfully distributed its GRG tokens to the first wave of whitelisted participants in its first airdrop. Signup to the Rigoblock whitelist here for further airdrops:…#blockchain #airdrop #fintech #ICO

It is exciting to end up in the product video of the @SIRINLABS #FINNEY, the first #blockchain smartphone 🙌🏼

We are thrilled to have reached over $1m in trading volume for Ethfinex Trustless!

Visit today if you haven't already and take control of your trading experience.

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Gabriele Rigo@gab_rigo

Living proof that decentralized exchanges are a thing, and growing!…

Investment Funds Network to Migrate Entire System to Blockchain in 2019…

Last month was super productive for us here at Rigoblock! We made quite a few important announcements! We rounded it all up in our latest newsletter. You can check it out here:

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This week in crypto:

1. Nasdaq launching BTC futures
2. @coinbase launched OTC desk
3. @MessariCrypto launched registry
4. @harbor launched first project
5. Abu Dhabi bank launched $500M blockchain bond

Bear markets get rid of tourists so entrepreneurs can focus on building.