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Have you read @RigoBlock 's whitepaper which sets out how @gab_rigo sets out how the Rigoblock protocol will #decentralise fund infrastructure as we know it today.… #blockchain #innovation #fintech

New Monday, new week, same goals, let’s go! Have a good week everyone. - The Rigoblock Team #blockchain #protocol #rigoblock

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Gabriele Rigo@gab_rigo

@Nouriel You are like 2 years behind the recent evolution in technology..I believe your generation does not get blockchain at all..I am happy as it will allow redistribution of wealth to the millenials but it’s sad to see this negativity, pointless

ZRX is launching on Coinbase Pro! The ZRX/USD, ZRX/BTC, and ZRX/EUR order books have entered transfer-only mode. Traders can deposit ZRX, but cannot yet place or fill orders. Order books will remain in transfer-only mode for at least 12 hours.…

A blockchain protocol enables monetization without accessing or selling users' data and it also stimulates developers' creativity. 🤗 #blockchain #protocol #rigoblock

Creating a healthy community around a blockchain project is not trivial. Where would you like to see the RigoBlock network grow? 🤔😊#rigoblock #protocol #blockchain

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Gabriele Rigo@gab_rigo

I think there's never been a more exciting time building the decentralized future. #Decentralization #technology #rigoblock

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Gabriele Rigo@gab_rigo

the coolest thing happening in #Crypto now is ultra-thin #trading volumes, institutional buying, the best #ICOs buying back their #tokens and the bad ones getting delisted from exchanges.

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Gabriele Rigo@gab_rigo

meanwhile, technology keeps evolving at steady progress.

Thrilled that @KerryWo101 joined us at @scalarcapital! Always exciting hiring people who raise the bar. Would love it if crypto twitter could give her a warm welcome 😊

Crypto Finance has obtained the same license as professional fund managers from Switzerland’s financial regulator… via @markets

☝️We should never forget that protocols are standards for coordinating the work of many groups of #developers/actors. Open standards make it super easy for platforms to interoperate, and it's an emerging trend in #tech.

#protocol #rigoblock

📊What industry do you think would benefit the most from #Blockchain #technology? Vote and Retweet 🤗

Check out our latest article by @hannakeskin on a still very demanded topic, “FINMA ICO Guidelines”, where a short overview of the regulatory framework in #Switzerland is provided:… #blockchain #regulatorycompliance #token

The #EFXSummit2018 event in our hometown #Lugano was a real delight to be a part of. There were truly inspirational discussions, valuable insights about #decentralized #governance, and great participants. 🙌🏼 A special thanks to the @ethfinex team for organizing it all 👍🏼

"We work to achieve the greatest impact possible without compromising quality."

Our Chief Technology Officer, Paolo Ardoino, attended the Ethfinex Summit to expand on the collaborative vision driving development efforts at Bitfinex, Ethfinex and EOSfinex. @paoloardoino

💡Creating a #token pool on the Ethereum main network only costs 3$ in gas, and the cost is going down. #Asset #management has never been so accessible! 🙌 Did you know? #rigoblock #ethereum #protocol

#Ethereum tokens are so incredibly liquid they’re handling a lot more trading volumes than the world’s most valuable company, Apple…

Centralized asset management platforms have control of your assets. Decentralized platforms give you the control back.
Which one would you choose? #rigoblock #dapp

Cryptocurrency is the ‘Natural Evolution’ of Money: Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin…