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The following highlighted part is an excerpt from that book and it is more relevant than before.

This book written by Late Sri. Nani Palkhiwala, it came into my hands when my 2nd brother Nagababu was doing his law in 1980’s & got it home. Till now he never knows that he was the one who introduced me to Nani Palkhiwala,who played a key role in shaping up my political thinking

When I was in London, a group of girls& boys had asked me to suggest few books for widening their level of socio- political understanding; that’s the Reason why I am posting the books which I have read & these are from my personal library.

Dr.R. Balasubramaniam’s, ‘I, The Citizen“ is quiet an insightful book which I have immensely liked about citizens engagement in the political decision making process..

I request you all of you to read this book to enhance our understanding in political decision making process.
Good Day!

An excerpt from the book’ In Pursuit of Self-Respect’ by Kompalli H.S.S Sundar

This Book written by Kompalli H.S.S. Sundar will give us a deeper understanding of socio- Political consciousness of Colonial rule in Andra & Rayalaseema. To understand where we started & where we landed today .. then this book is a must to read.

Late ‘Lee Kuan yew’is one of my Inspirational World leaders. To understand how Singapore was built then you should read his biography.

This is an excerpt from a Telugu Novel ‘Kharaveludu’which I have noted down in my journal 2001

All these Quotes I have collected are from different books & authors. ( From my 2003 Journal)

A quote from one of the books I have read ..though I forgot the Author’s name but not his words.

Dear Manohar Parikarji, knowing you personally and I recall the flight journey we travelled together at the time of 2014 elections.& I always felt that you are a man of immense wisdom & intelligence.

May ‘Mother Nature’ give immense strength to heal you ,Sir.

Jai Hind!!

We will be sending Legal notices to these TDP backed media channels heads and their shareholders and investors and their board too. We will give them sufficient time to respond.

Run these articles in your 9 pm show on your channel ; let your TV9 do equal justice.
Why only on us, just we appear to be quiet and calm??

Srini Raju You are a Board member & Benefactor of globally reputed ISB which has strict rules for discrimination and indeceny. But as a major owner of TV9 you allow airing objectionable content.Plz hold the dignity of such premier organisations.

I am contemplating to request TS police for an investigation into the 6 month slander campaign. I am for sure all the names of these characters both men & women who came out to malign me will be eventually lead to Amaravati..

Lot of interesting names from reputed families, politicians,media barons, their kids..will come out. The ugly Nakedness of our society will come out.if you all could encourage to strip a ‘ sister’ & made a show then this will be mother of all shows.

బాబు నాన్నగారికి రాత్రి భోజనంలో అన్నం, కూర, పప్పు తో పాటు కొంచెం సంస్కారాన్ని కూడా వడ్డించమని చెప్పరా..
అలాగే సంస్కారవంతమైన సబ్బుతో తల స్నానం చెయ్యమని చెప్పండి..

After meeting legal team tomorrow, I will get a clarity about Chittoor meeting dates.