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Team 42 Official win #AWSGameday at #reInvent and get entry to @Werner's keynote on Thursday as well as the pride of knowing that they were the best unicorn rental franchise in Vegas. 🦄🏆

Won the 1st place at re:Invent GameDay (PM) ✌️✌️ #gameday 午後の部優勝しました #reinvent

#reinvent GameDay 午後の部に日本人2人で出る予定なので混ざりたい人いたら言ってください

【発表】Amazon Braket –量子コンピューティングを開始しましょう

AWS #reInvent 2019で発表された上記リリースの日本語ブログを公開しました! #AWSBlog

Who better to lead our first full air band performance than Air Guitar World Champion @NordicThunder? 🎸🎸 #reInvent

🆕 New this year: #reInvent reserved keynote seating! Starting Tuesday, Nov 19 we’ll be releasing keynote seats in two waves starting at 8am PST & again at 6pm PST. Reserve your seats & be there live to hear what's next for AWS.

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database QLDB - fully managed ledger database with a central trusted authority. #reInvent

Just a few more minutes until @ajassy's #reInvent keynote. Watch live, watch in one of the overflow rooms, or check out the livestream :

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Keynote会場めちゃくちゃ雰囲気良い #reInvent

#reinvent レポート、一発目を公開しました! 人気イベントTatonka Challengeの挑戦権を得たのに、まさか参加できないなんて・・・。

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Tatonka Challenge 会場きた!ビールww #reInvent

Announcing general availability of AWS Cloud9, a Cloud IDE for writing, running & debugging code #reInvent