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China has performed nearly 200,000 tests.

South Korea has performed nearly 28,000 tests.

Meanwhile, US--with most expensive, but most dysfunctional, healthcare system on planet--has performed just 414 tests and has little or no capacity to perform more (…)

These are statues of the early Roman emperors, with colour added.

The Romans painted their statues - this is reasonably close to how they would have looked in the emperors' lifetimes. The hair and eye colours are taken from ancient Roman descriptions.

@Locohama What’s striking about #Japan,to anyone who has studied or visited, is how clearly & highly sophisticated it is on one hand, with such attention to the most subtle details,yet willfully ignorant & self absolving of its own xenophobia & yes racism. #BlackFace ? 止めてください。

Why Spinoza still matters | Spinoza’s fearless defence of intellectual freedom is more timely than ever…

"I hear that an early breakfast of peaches, pears and steak is good for your heart."


police have been passive in the face of verbal assaults. there is clearly a danger that one day the attacks will turn violent.


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