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China has performed nearly 200,000 tests.

South Korea has performed nearly 28,000 tests.

Meanwhile, US--with most expensive, but most dysfunctional, healthcare system on planet--has performed just 414 tests and has little or no capacity to perform more (…)

One million muslim Uighurs have been detained by China, the U.N. says
Where are the protests from Western governments, so often claiming to value human rights above all else?
Where is the outrage from the governments of majority-Muslim countries?">

Hospital officials in Dallas hold news briefing as second Texas health worker tests positive for #Ebola

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アメリカ・ダラスでエボラ熱患者を確認Dallas patient tests positive for Ebola… 西アフリカから親類に会いに来米した際には無症状だったが、26日に症状が現れ28日に病院収容とのこと。拡大可能性は低いか