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Kamala Harris a thread,

warning, Will make u mad as fuk

why every female rapper gotta be a role model to preschool age girls???? FUCK THEM KIDS

how do people leave the house without a water bottle and comfortably function not knowing when their next drink of water will be???????

Everyday, racism and hate get up, get dressed, and get to work.

So too must we.

Trump is putting the whistle up t……

If you lose the Senate solely because Black and Latino American citizens obtain the proper representation they dese……

Biden should announce a different cabinet pick every day 15 minutes before a Trump press rally.

@fox5dc Why are schools so hell bent on telling kids what to wear then swear up and down they can't make kids wear masks on campus?

so it took everyone two (2) months to pivot from "abolish prisons❤️" to "elect a career prosecutor❤️"

*me fully aware that JFC stands for jesus fucking christ*
my brain: john f cennedy

Just reported my girls picture, too many niggas liking it

I got on TikTok because I was like oh this will be so fun and now I follow 17 therapists who give me tips while they do a little dance

I can't believe my "face down ass up that's the way we like to fuck" generation has turned into some "what about th……

Tnp9ionb reasonably small
Olivia Krallman@_liv____

If colleges are having in person classes, then sports should be allowed to play with no fans (maybe even only stude……

Tnp9ionb reasonably small
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Does anyone else think Harris was a bad pick? She didn’t even poll well among black people during her presidential……

Tnp9ionb reasonably small
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Please don’t let Harris be Biden’s VP pick #BidenVP 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Lol dudes will scream “slob on my knob” word for word and crying abt WAP 😂 bye lil boy

“you changed” bro there was a pandemic and i was in isolation for 6 months