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Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump


Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes@Barnes_Law

@MeghanMcCain Didn't you complain when people said the same about your Dad?

Anikka Albrite™️
Anikka Albrite™️@AnikkaAlbrite

Why tf am I still awake? I need a lullaby and a goodnight fuck

Cinema Knight
Cinema Knight@TheKnightofC

@GovernorVA I’m conflicted on this issue. Not because I believe it is right, but because the 1980s were a far FAR more racist time than the one we live in. I ask people commenting to consider that, but not to dismiss the action because of it. Horrible what you did, Governor

Tony Bellew
Tony Bellew@TonyBellew

@dc_mma @Deano_22_ No matter what has been said 2 bare knuckle men cannot attack a man who has just been fighting for 20 mins.. one from behind also.. Khabib has the win and embarrassed Conor! How was this not enough? There is not 2 sides to this there is only one and Khabib is at full fault!