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5chmnsly reasonably small

@wolfaninensfw I see you stop posting NSFW on your NSFW art. Nice art decision anyway 😉😉

목에서 어깨로 내려오는 라인이 정면은 완만하고 반 측면으로 갈수록 경사지는 구조이다

5chmnsly reasonably small

@APin59 sell digital platform for more announcement

5chmnsly reasonably small

@Roanimii One of them could be me haha

Mad fucking tired of people reposting my work and never crediting me.

These cubes are EVERYWHERE and hardly do people give me credit. I don’t want anything else I just want people to know who made it. UGH 😭


One big milestone for me was figuring out that good lineart doesn't just happen on its own, you actually have to study what looks good & how to achieve it. For example here's two options on where to apply line thickness; I prefer to do the corners

Here is the penis tutorial for anyone who wants to be horni artist!
Shoutout to @doxyonta for his tutorials and tips that helped me grow and partially included here! Thank you!

5chmnsly reasonably small

@K0BIT0WANI Please don't remove your arts 😟😟


Quite random I know, but I saw this so often and I think is good to put it over the table in case someone can find it useful =P

#furry #furryart



5chmnsly reasonably small

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