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It was 1957 and the Netherlands invested in open air classrooms.

The reasons were a multitude.

From known science of sun exposure health to increased attention and retention.

We knew this long ago, but we keep forgetting.

Consider “tool blindness”.

This is a psychological bias humans have had for 1000s of years.

We are convinced a new tool must be better and through lack of experience we use the tool when none was needed.

We see it today in the would of computers and technology—only worse.

New beta test of the solo flight system for 2020.

Available with upgraded air miles and food service.

No access to rest rooms but smoking is allowed.

It was 1957 and this is the “Flying Drainpipe”.

Decades before rockets that could land this system demonstrated a jet engine controlled landing with the promise of a hybrid space launch reusable system.

It may look familiar.

We see nuts and bolts.

The artists sees something else.

The artisan makes it come about.

We see beauty.

Consider one of the most ancient corn varieties. The native Americans called it Glass Gem Corn.

We thought engineering just to yellow/white would be better ~200 years ago.

We had a rainbow—but we engineered monochrome.

Still she grows.

Consider the Crooked Forest in West Pomerania, Poland.

With over 400 bent pine trees and no very clear understanding of the cause.

“Apple Takes Legal Action Against This Small Company's Pear Logo”

Steve Jobs once said you can judge the beginning of the end of a company when their legal department starts doing “stupid sh@t”.

Apple. this is stupid sh@t.…

Every class in the world should have this simple and relatively inexpensive blackboard particularly during remote education.

This can make a massive difference in education in 2020 and beyond.

We can do this—we just need the will.

“That’s impossible”.

It only takes one to prove it can be done.

This has been observed in just about all species.

Conceptual models are broken and a new paradigm is formed.

Some soar with the new paradigm.

Impossible becomes...