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Tim Draper Believes Bitcoin Will Grab 5% of the Earth’s Market Share…

Institutional investors are increasingly open to adding digital assets to their portfolios, suggests new research from @Fidelity.

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Fed just left interest rates unchainged. Whenever it starts cutting rates, it won’t have enough room left: after interest rates go to 0 again, there will be more QE and inflation. Hedge yourself! #cryptocurrencies #Crypto #cryptocurrencymarket…

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@Emafit1 @elonmusk @ether_world @VitalikButerin @PayPal @RigoBlock Open apis + open platforms = integrated services. I see RigoBlock as a building block, part of a bigger picture.

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@elonmusk @ether_world @VitalikButerin @PayPal 2.0 with asset management, custody, token management using open protocols like @RigoBlock

The New York Stock Exchange owners just announced that they bought a custodian service focused on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

This is just the beginning.

Every stock, bond, currency, and commodity will be digitized in the future.


France to be the first country with right-to-bank-account for crypto projects. If they get proper licenses.

This is huge.…

#Blockchain technology's advantages are a no-brainer when you look at the increasingly obvious cracks in legacy markets, monetary systems, global economics, and geopolitics.…

We recently published a draft for ZEIP-31, which proposes an upgrade to the 0x protocol to utilize new ZRX token economics. We are hosting an AMA on our Subreddit right now if you have questions! ⬇…

"Why are protocols that offer fewer options gaining more adoption? It might be because they constrain the types of trades available to users, allowing an “automatic supply-side” to consistently offer the service."

We would like to hear from you. ⬇

How do you think you will be paying for lunch in 5 years? #IMFmeetings #DigitalPayments

#Ethereum is the largest blockchain ecosystem by a variety of measures.”
@ethereumJoseph’s insightful take on the state of #blockchain:…

Have you learnt about our upcoming Security and Utility exchange? Learn more here. Capital at Risk. #STO #trading…

Another excellent case of use of the Zero Knowledge Proofs system applied to voting mechanisms👍🏼
#zkdao #zeroknowledge #blockchain #ethereum…

Ready for the #LaaxSnowHack🙌🏼 Join our @gab_rigo there!

Oh, and the view that opens up at 2,000 meters is something unreal.

We are at the Swiss Assosiation of Crypto Investors kick-off event. Very well done! We are glad that associations such as this are helping to develop the local #crypto ecosystem. @SACI_ch #cryptocurrencies #blockchain

“All functions of finance are moving towards trustless, transparent systems, where participants can be confident that the information being provided to them is true.” Agreed 🙌🏼…

An excellent example of the implementation of the zero-knowledge proof system that helps to make applications such as voting, auctions, and payment channels in #blockchain confidential:…

by @benediktbuenz @sha2nk_ @mahdi_zamani_ @danboneh

Imagine you put on your VR headset and you step into a different world.

This world has no central government. It’s run by a community.

You go the store and you pay for your virtual goods in $crypto.

Then you go by land via non-fungible tokens.

Welcome to the future. 💡

In only 3 days during @pixelscamp:
- 1080 P2P payments
- 945 Purchases
- 821 New Accounts
UTRUST products were stress tested and their performance exceeded expectations! That really speaks for the development level of our ecosystem at this point @UTRUST…

A great piece on game theory dilemmas and #Ethereum as an arena to solve them:
"Ethereum enables powerful economic vehicles we don’t yet understand". 🙌🏼…

Open-source + blockchain is incredibly powerful. 🏋️‍♂️ Ideas morph and take on a life of their own and before you realise it a whole ecosystem of complimentary (and competing) projects are building and accelerating. Closed source blockchain projects will never match this.…