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Remember the flowers
“It's written all over your face”
I really like Aaron, so I drew a complete illustration
Please be nice to him😥

Gr6q nc8 reasonably small

In order to prevent misunderstanding, the "character" here refers to the game character. I almost never draw characters from other games or anime. Most of the time I draw my own OC, so Aaron is really special to me.

Gr6q nc8 reasonably small

This is the second time in my life to draw a character, Aaron he really has a gentle and pure heart.

Thank @RtFVN for creating a profound story for us!

Gr6q nc8 reasonably small

@GThicker I've been looking forward to the day when I'll see your giant yummy thing😆

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@mixvariety @ross_ciaco 终于又更新了!想你!!

Biceptember, one of my fav months for sure, so here you have some burr flexing for ya, I hope you like it! ^_~

I've been working in this one for a while and you can find a bigger and longer version in my patreon anim's tier.
Lotsa hugs to you all ^_^




#放サモファンアート #アキハゴンゲン #SummoSnap

Gr6q nc8 reasonably small

@HissCovet 想看看苏烈的!