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@JoeGazza @florsbeny Hey could I get in contact with you!

OG isn’t original… 💤

That’s why we use the term “FF”: First Feline 🐱

20 FF spots + Discord invites on this tweet!……

In honor of our collab with @hypebearsclub we are giving away 20 whitelist spots for both projects on this post!


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@AngryVikingzNFT Hey! if possible could I get in contact with you

10,000 Cats in less than a week 🙀

So grateful for all the support..

RT to begin Discord onboarding 🔥

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@FungibleTanner @BearX_NFT BearX does everything for its community!

In 17 hours we’ve had over 30K new people follow the #HypeBears! Let’s give away 30 whitelist spots to celebrate. R……

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@Blake_ethX @JasoNFT_ @KaijuKingz congrats! ayo all of you gettings kaijus