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Day 5 - Secret comfort / Day 3 (AngelHusk) - Cuddling
Two for one! Angel likes Husk's rumbly purring against his back to help him fall asleep. Husk is happy to oblige, but he's gotta be a big fat tsundere about it. #hazbinhotel #angelhusk #angeldust #AngelDustWeek #AngelHuskweek

recorded an actual cover of that bulgy wulgy song that @AshNicholsArt is obsessed with as Angel

it's cursed.


"Maybe things won't be so terrible inside this hotel."

#hazbinhotel #hazbinhotelart #hazbinhotelfanart #hazbinhotelangeldust #angeldust #fatnuggets
((a big 'thank you' to all the artists that worked on the comic, it was absolutely worth the wait 💖💖))


Day ??: Abuse/Red Smoke/Mind Break

This was a #ValAngelweek prompt that I kept taking further, and now the week's over XP oh well. Featuring my HC that Vox hypnotizes since TV's can be like that.

#AngelDust #Valentino #Vox #HazbinHotel

Opened my charms finally and though 99% of things look great, my Oyasumi Angels have printed strangely saturated despite me giving my manu the exact same file as last time???? I'm incredibly irritated about it. I'm going to take it up with them and try to get them reprinted.

Day 1: Adoption

Okay, this is more of a first meeting, but I like the idea of Angel Dust meeting Nuggets at a butcher store and then going to save Nuggets from being butchered and immediately adopting him.

#Fatnuggetsweek #AngelDust #FatNuggets #HazbinHotel

I'm so glad Angel wasn't alone in this stream... this isn't the end, there's still more but they're not that THAT bad from what I remember.... hopefully I don't eat my words later #HazbinHotel #Helluvaboss #blitzocast

The last image were quotes said at the beginning of the stream AND THEY DID NOT AGE WELL. Seeing Angel treated this way HURTS SO BADLY AHHH #HazbinHotel #HelluvaBoss #blitzocast