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fall in love with someone that knows the smallest details about you like what time you wake up,how you like your coffee, or why you stutter in a sentence when you speak about something your passionate about please never settle for the bare minimum

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Nathan Armes@nate4dayz

This is why I want to visit New York in the winter 😍…

pandemic or not, why do mfs stand so CLOSE behind you while you’re waiting in line??

i EXPLAINED my hurt and still got hurt so i learned to stop talking ...

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Nathan Armes@nate4dayz

Please God, let me find the one so I can cherish them for the rest of eternity ✨🤞🏻

As my lover, please correct me if I’m not loving you in the language you prefer. If somethings up communicate that with me. I want us on the same page.

i’m a c-section baby it’s never my birthday y’all i was evicted

I can’t wait to do Christmas with my own family yo

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Nathan Armes@nate4dayz

How do I fix it? Honestly, I have 0 idea. I’ve exhausted all possibilities at this point and for that, I am sorry...

Adult un medicated adhd is actually terrifying... much deeper than procrastination. I really can’t recall what I’m sposed to do 🥺🥴

the lack of respect y’all have for fast food workers is very annoying.

Lol my daughter finally got her phone today . And this is our very conversation 😂😂

from “that’s my girl” to “that’s my wife” is the move.

Stop dating people who don't like you.

Also, stop dating people who aren't excited to be with you or show you their affections by following silly rules.

getting fucked up with your boo & then have drunk sex after 😩