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Two stuffed frogs having a sword fight, found in a late 19th century French mansion "Maison Mantin" after it had been sealed for more than 100 years, from 1905 to 2010

good evening people of gotham, you have 24 hours to turn in The Batman

My father passed away today. I wont be doing anything for a while. Please respect me and my family’s privacy during this time.

I’m 22 days from landing on Mars. With ~25.6 million-miles (41.2 million-km) left, I’m closing in on Jezero Crater. It’s the most dangerous Martian site attempted for landing, but I'm ready to take it on.🚀 #CountdownToMars

why do humans need jobs why can’t i just exist & make art and chill with my cat

Notice how your body feels when certain people/energies are around you

Nfemzwqa reasonably small
Nathan Armes@nate4dayz

I need to get me one of these…

The way white people get mad when I come at white people (cause I’m white too) like you stinky bitch, I’m not just gonna shut tf up when I see someone on some fuck shit cause we both white. And if your white ass is mad about it, then your who I’m talkin about.

We are in a pandemic?? And the capitol was attacked two weeks ago?? Like???…

i loved growing up with the internet in the early 2000s! i played flash games, i took care of neopets, i saw a beheading video when i was 12, i made friends on myspace,

Nfemzwqa reasonably small
Nathan Armes@nate4dayz

This is a real thing on both ends and lemme tell you. It turns in to crying. Especially when you’re in love.…

Nfemzwqa reasonably small
Nathan Armes@nate4dayz

I swear this one person is for me.…

imagine falling in love, and it works out for the rest of your life