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Notice how your body feels when certain people/energies are around you

The way white people get mad when I come at white people (cause I’m white too) like you stinky bitch, I’m not just gonna shut tf up when I see someone on some fuck shit cause we both white. And if your white ass is mad about it, then your who I’m talkin about.

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Nathan Armes@nate4dayz

This is a real thing on both ends and lemme tell you. It turns in to crying. Especially when you’re in love.…

When your girl is telling a story and another niggas name pops up

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Nathan Armes@nate4dayz

I’m retweeting just so I can see cat photos when I’m sad.…

Its attractive when you get the same effort you give, effort is attractive.

I tell my cat “I know” whenever she meows but I’m gonna be honest, I have no fucking idea

Apologize when you’re wrong. Never let your pride be bigger than your relationships.

When your team does this you know you're in for a rough time. 😶

C: u/akatsukipainwithweed

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Nathan Armes@nate4dayz

Got big plans for when I get back to town!! Super stoked about it baby!!!

Apparently you match up against M/KB players when using a controller 🤣

My PlayStation when I try to download the 68 GB update for call of duty

When mfs gonna realize you just gotta do you and be the best version of yourselves in order to find a person who loves you. Just love yourself and be a great human, i promise the love of your life will end up finding you.