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I'm afraid if #ImpotusAmericanus trends, it might ruin the president's weekend of golf. 😈

Are folks still quarantining? It's starting to feel like I'm the only one still inside.

Alotta these Ugly MFs should be HAPPY they get to wear Masks...

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@katya_zamo & @trixiemattel , your new book taught me how to read. thanks!

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@Wendys still waiting for a response from you guys..... i literally spent the entire night throwing up bc of your food.

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just got salmonella poisoning from @Wendys chicken nuggets. thanks.

oh my god Disney World was great today. The lines were like half as long as usual. Only complaint: have they change……

If they want to ban TikTok cuz it’s owned by China shouldn’t they ban Trump since he’s owned by Russia

Straight guys be like: “my partner” and it’s a straight woman named Jessica

black cosplayer : *breathes*

racists: you ruined my favourite anime character you n*gger

Good morning. The GOP cowards who would rather see our democracy fail than receive a mean tweet from the president……

You know who has released his taxes and doesn’t have to be forced to by the Supreme Court? Joe Biden.


BREAKING: Trump just threatened to withhold funding from schools that don’t fully reopen.

This is what they call “……

Trudeau led his country out of a pandemic while Trump's lack of leadership leaves the US in deep crisis……

Mary Trump's scathing book claims President Trump paid someone to take his SATs

.@KathleenHanna quotes her own lyrics in response to angry emails from men