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Hi! @thesinkingcity @Frogwares This is my new pc mod... I started this before the Game released.... I LOVE the Lovecraft's history And the ambient of the Game.. I hope You liked it!

"The atmosphere and world building of Oakmont, Massachusetts are just as deep as its fictional waters, with a story and murky sense of morality to match in the best possible ways."


ATTN: Early Release on Epic Games Store is fixed!! You can now download The Sinking City.

May the Elder gods take care of you...

Zhlovjub reasonably small


Zhlovjub reasonably small


Plunge into insanity with @TheSinkingCity - $10 off during the #EpicMegaSale

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Soon, it will all be revealed.

The Sinking City.
27th of June 2019.

"The Sinking City is very reminiscent of the likes of Silent Hill 2, with its eerie atmosphere..."

Check out @Daily_Star's preview of #TheSinkingCity at the link: