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HongKong #香港…

The #HongKong government and police must de-escalate the situation—not use lethal force against universities and peaceful protestors.

Lives—and Hong Kong’s future—are on the line.

Working with my colleagues to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act! #PolyU…

#HongKong police trapping hundreds of students inside #PolyUniversity. Won’t let them leave. Apparently want mass arrests. These actions by Beijing-backed govt raise question whether #China is in violation of its 1984 Joint Declaration commitments…

たったいま警察が装甲車で香港理工大学に突入しようとしたが デモ者に火炎瓶に撃退されました
#HongKong #PolyU #Taiwan #香港デモ

#HongKong protesters got in the way of a foreign tourist in #HK airport after all departures were canceled due to sit-in protests. The tourist fought back: "Hong Kong is a part of China!" "Go get a job!" #香港

#HongKong police made mass arrests in Causeway Bay on Sunday eve - aided by men who appeared to be undercover officers dressed as protesters. HKFP footage showed one of the men assisting in an arrest of a bloodied activist. Full story:

A group of plainclothes officers, disguised as protesters, launched a surprise operation to arrest protesters outside SOGO department store in Causeway Bay. At least a dozen were arrested. The officers refused to answer reporters' questions on their identity.

#HongKong #antiELAB

Police close in on protesters on Harcourt Road, many of whom are retreating south towards Queensway.

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@DariNegaraUtara @hongkongunchiku 司法は機能しています!RT @japanavi: 学生グループ「學民思潮」リーダー黄之鋒くん(17歳)の理由なき拘束は香港警察による違法拘束であるとして、裁判所から「人身保護条令」に基づき即刻釈放命令が出ました!