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arakis new style looks so adorable i just know the jojolands mc is gonna look so cute

Voice actor for Muhammad Avdol in the OVA and Daisuke Jigen in the Lupin III series passes away from pneumonia at age 89.…

Yesterday afternoon I was awarded the title of Honourary Ambassador of Kosovo by our Madame President #VjosaOsmani It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to represent my country all over the world and to continue my work and efforts globally to see that we leave our mark…


Not everyone can be the judge and jury, but Gyro Zeppeli is definitely the executioner.

This master of the Spin is coming from the beloved #SteelBallRun. And with his Stand, Ball Breaker, he's racing to the finish line in #JJASBR.

No one can escape the fate that was chosen for them…🌌

And going up against Diavolo, could mean the fate of having a Crimson hand slicing right through you.

As the Boss of Passione, he's prepared to erase time and do whatever it takes to keep his identity protected.

The 23rd President of the United States is back in bl...action in #JJASBR.

Don't let the name deceive you, there isn't anything to laugh about when you're up against Funny Valentine and his Stand.

Best watch out, or you might just get sent on a highway to…another dimension.

Is it HOT in here, or is it just Akira Otoishi?

Don't let his looks deceive, this villain loves to wreak havoc and can't stop…unless of course Josuke and friends intervene.

With 🌶Chili Pepper🌶 on his side, you better be ready to give it away to anyone you face in #JJASBR.

"I have intelligence... My time with Jolyne and everyone will give me strength!"

F.F. is available to play at Booth 2300! #AX2022 #JJBA #JJASBR

The ladies of Green Dolphin Street Prison won't go down without a fight!

Jolyne, Ermes, and F.F. are ready to stick together and take down anyone who stands in their path, especially Father Pucci. 👊


Composed of plankton but ready to kick you to the curb -

F.F. makes her debut into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R this September.

Just make sure to stay hydrated!


ariana grande pulling us back into reality after we thought we were getting music soon…