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【アプリ公開まであと25日!】深夜のサプライズエブリデイにて、UNDEADより「Valentine Eve’s Nightmare」をお送りします。昨日と今日の境界にて甘く背徳的なひとときをお過ごしください。 #あんさんぶるエブリデイ #あんスタ

何とか描けた、いつもの感じとちょっと違う(^_^;)でも気持ちは一緒!たっくん~~お誕生日おめでとうぅぅぅ!!ヽ(*´∀`)ノ #木村拓哉45回目誕生祭_1113

中居さんの、45になっても変わらない可愛さに乾杯~!#中居正広45回目誕生祭_0818 これからも海のムコウから(笑)見守ってます。


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@scanky_chops he does appears at these promo events tho, he's actually quite busy with promo, just not included in photos

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@ct12n__h I thought almost every single group have overseas fans what lmao😂 that person so ignorant 💁🏻


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@miyukixrinn ikr 🙄 there's this person who say she's a fan but actually believes that they disband cos of takuya like wtf

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@miyukixrinn lmao is it like novel like that how did who ever first wrote the report know what their conversation is about

最後まで、ファンにさよならを言ってないよね。なら私の中また終わってない。 #スマスマ

今年も、メリークリスマップ!!*★,°*:.☆\(*´∀`*)/$:*.°★* 。 一応壁紙(1280x800)よかったら使ってください(´▽`)

Steven Moffat and @Markgatiss answered questions on the @PBS @tumblr and covered a range of topics. Read it here:……

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fucking annoyed to see videos with subtitles on Twitter. did these people even ask for the permission to post it ? lol 🙄

いくつになっても少年の心を持つたっくん、これからも変わらずにいて欲しい!来年の映画とドラマ楽しみにしてます~お誕生日おめでとうございますヽ(*´∀`)ノ #木村拓哉44回目誕生祭_1113

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ftr have been asking fans to buy... pls buy🙏🏻 don't even call yourselves fan if you don't buy🙄 kochan even said 没买不许看 are you not guilty??

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@RevesContinuer looking forward to your tweets hehe XD yeaa hope that AFA will bring in more next year ~

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@RevesContinuer omg pls post about what happened during the m&g afterwards haha I can't go :(

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@RevesContinuer sigh, every fandom have these minority :/

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@RevesContinuer I see...this is really ridiculous though, theres nothing wrong with the anime but stereotyping base on it is just??? ._.